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This is the obligatory ‘Aaron Judge just hit a ball 471 feet’ post

This guy.

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to the latest “gosh, we get it, Aaron Judge, you’re so good at baseball” post. Previously in this series: he is very tall! We have fun here, and Judge isn’t going to stop being good any time soon, so every now and then I’ll be here to remind you he routinely does things that would seem groundbreaking if another player did them. And he does them with ease.

Like hitting a ball 471 dang feet.

He was recently slumping, and broke that slump with a home run on Monday night. Now he followed it up with a massive dinger in a game rife with home runs (six combined already, with the Yankees up, 10-7, over the Rangers in the sixth inning).

But seriously, look at this thing. Simply measuring 471 feet might be underestimating its true power.

We get it. You’re a strong, huge baseball boy. You can destroy baseballs at will and with no regrets.

Even the Yankees are like “yeah, we know” at this point.

He’s going to hit 12 more balls this far, or farther, before the season’s out and we’re going to get used to it just like last season because the consistency blinds us from just how wild it is.