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Danny Farquhar will throw out the first pitch for the White Sox on June 1

He suffered a brain hemorrhage in late April.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins

White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage stemming from a ruptured aneurysm in late April, collapsing in the dugout and subsequently being rushed to the hospital. He’s been recovering ever since, and the good news is that doctors are hopeful he will eventually be able to pitch again.

He has a long road to go before that, but he’ll be taking the mound at Guaranteed Rate Field briefly on June 1st to throw out the first pitch in front of the teammates and White Sox fans who have supported him and his family during the last few months.

According to WGN 9 Chicago, Farquhar will be joined by his family (he has a wife and three children) as well as doctors and other staffers from Rush University Medical Center who assisted Farquhar in his recovery.

He’s out for the season, and his health is the most important thing of course. But it will also be an emotional moment for many people — not least of which his own family — that also gives Farquhar an uplifting moment in his recovery during which he gets to throw a ball from the mound to home. Even if it’s just in an unofficially capacity.