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Denard Span paid tribute to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s playoff exit by hip checking an old man

This fan never stood a chance.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays

Before we go any further here, everyone who didn’t catch this incident live should know that the fan in question is okay. After he got taken out he got back up and told security staff coming to assist him that he was fine.

With that said, we can all laugh very hard at this sequence in which Denard Span attempts to catch a fly ball and launches himself over the barrier, hip checking a sweet old man who just came to sit in a comfortable outfield chair and watch the Rays.

This guy never stood a chance though.

Never. A. Chance. Span didn’t even really get a play on the ball, because he was so busy trucking an unsuspecting spectator. It happens!

Everyone was laughing and fine afterwards, if a little bit shaken and armed with a good story to tell about being a Rays fan. In fact, getting surprise hip checked while innocently watching a game is probably just how it feels to be a Rays fan made flesh.