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A rare Derek Jeter rookie card sold for nearly $100,000

It’s the highest price ever paid for a modern-day card.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

A Derek Jeter rookie card sold on eBay for $99,100 this week with collector Adrian Proietti buying it from PWCC, a leading trading card marketplace. The sale comes just a week after another Jeter rookie card sold for $54,576.

The purchase might be bittersweet for Proietti, as he said he was offered another 10-grade PSA rookie card for $25,000 ten years ago and didn’t buy it. So that’s around $75,000 he could have saved to spend on ... other trading cards, presumably? But he still got his card in the end and said “I think the $99,100 is still a very good deal” so he seems happy.

While he will probably put it away fro safe keeping, Proietti told ESPN he’ll enjoy his purchase for at least a little while. For nearly a hundred grand, you’d hope he could get a little joy out of the card before locking it away!

The PSA/DNA rating — a trading card grading company — is what makes this card so expensive, as there are only 22 in existence that have been given a 10/10 rating, compared to more than 8,800 graded as eights or nines.

Only three cards across all sports have fetched more than this, a LeBron James rookie card and two Tom Brady rookie cards. Those sold for double or even triple the price of this Jeter collectible, but The Captain’s rookie card officially holds the record for modern baseball card sales.