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Aaron Judge made 2 incredible outfield assists with his cannon of an arm

Don’t run on Judge.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim  v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Aaron Judge can hit, sure. And he can make incredible jumping plays at the wall because he’s so dang tall, of course. But have you witnessed his cannon of an arm in action? Really witnessed it?

Judge put on a show during the Yankees’ Friday night game against the Angels, whistling a baseball farther and more accurately than it seems entirely possible multiple times during the game to take out an emboldened runner that realized too late they never stood a chance against Judge’s arm.

The first one was the more astonishing one because of its distance and speed. Judge threw the ball more than 100 mph straight to home plate to literally trip up Kole Calhoun as he crossed the plate, thrown out unexpectedly.

Sure it came from shallow right field, but it was a rocket.

But his second outfield assist, from deeper in the outfield and to second base, was almost more impressive. Not for how hard it was obviously thrown like the first instance but for how casual he looked doing it.

“Guess I’ll just toss this here ball a very long way like I’m tossing an apple core into the trash. 100 miles per hour and pinpoint accurate? That’s before I’ve even had my mid-game energy drink and power bar. No big deal.”

Almost any other player in the league would have had to work a lot harder or pray for a lot more luck to make these plays. Judge is a baseball god, and this is his pair of warnings for anyone who thinks they can take a chance when a ball is hit to left field.