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Citi Field caught fire on Wednesday even though the Mets’ pitching staff is in Atlanta

A perfect nod to the Mets’ season.

The Mets are out of town until Thursday, so it was a bit of a surprise that something caught fire at Citi Field and it wasn’t their roster.

We can make jokes because no one was hurt in the fire, it was a small flare up in a display case that was put out by sprinklers before the fire department was even able to get there and put it out themselves.

Apropos to the @mets season, Citi Field is on #mets #dumpsterfire #nyc #queens

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Only the Mets could have as unfortunate yet on-point a metaphor for their season as this, as they slip down in the standings even further and put more of their roster on the disabled list what seems like every day. It’s rough times in Queens. The fire being a small one might be the best news they’ve gotten in weeks.

So let’s all make the requisite bullpen, roster, division standings jokes and get it out of our system. Because the next time a small fire happens at the Mets’ home field they might be good enough again that it won’t be as fun to make jokes about how bad they ar—

— Ha! Ha! Just kidding. The Mets will always be mockable. Carry on. Meet back here next week to get more jokes out of our system.