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A baseball goose was on the loose! They tried to catch it but it was no use

It was released safely outside the stadium.

Pfshhh, and you thought Ohtani being on the mound was going to be the most exciting part of Wednesday night’s Angels-Tigers game. Not even close.

A goose was flying around inside Comerica Park, eluding everyone who was trying to catch it, and eventually flew straight into a video board. But first, it flew around the park multiple times and even stopped by second base for a few seconds before taking off again. Must be a big Ian Kinsler fan or something.

This is a bit of a sad situation, as the bird looked confused about how to get back out of the park and skittish around people (understandably, since they were trying to trap it) and it running into the video board at the end is tough to watch.

The great news is the goose was released outside of the stadium and is reported as being okay. Which means while the video board collision was semi-tragic ... it’s also really funny. It’s like a cartoon. From the way in which it runs into the video board to the fluff of feathers when it hits the seats and disappears. It feels weird to laugh, but it’s also hilarious slapstick from this goose. Someone get SNL on the phone.

Fly away home, goose. Fly away home. (What, you thought you were going to come to this post and not get a Fly Away Home-starring-Anna-Paquin reference? Think again.)