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Maikel Franco scored a run without touching home plate

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That’s usually not allowed.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Usually, in this fantastic game we love called baseball, in order to score a run you must cross home plate without being tagged or (in a force situation) without the catcher touching the plate first while the ball is in his glove at the same time. While crossing home plate, you must also touch it with one or both feet. That’s just personal preference.

During the Phillies’ Thursday night game against the Dodgers, Maikel Franco did not touch home plate with any of his feet. Yet the Phillies had a 1-0 lead in the second inning because they were awarded a run anyway.

Interesting! Even more interesting, is no one really understands why this happened. Because it was pretty obvious that he didn’t come close to making contact with that white pentagram buried in the dirt. Take a look for yourself.

Unless the home plate umpire is the old lady witness with coke bottle glasses from My Cousin Vinny, there’s not really an excuse here. That is not close. Not close to close.

Even more of a mystery was that the Dodgers didn’t challenge the call or even appeal it, playing the game under protest. It just happened and everyone said “yup, nothing to see here folks” and moved along.

This also happened to Franco during this game, though.

So maybe karma is about even on this one, even if the missing-the-plate thing tilts the outcome of the game and this is just getting embarrassed by Clayton Kershaw’s slider.