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Rafael Devers (literal child) rocks two home runs off of Bartolo Colon (old as hell)

We are all ancient and turning to dust. Let it happen.

Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Before Friday’s game between the Rangers and Red Sox, Boston third baseman Rafael Devers spoke in depth about how much he respects and admires Bartolo Colon, who has been playing baseball for almost as long as Devers has been alive.

Colon made his MLB debut in April of 1997, and Devers was born only a few months early in October of 1996. So there’s a lot of experience and respect on one side of this seesaw and someone interested in absorbing that wisdom on the other side.

That’s exactly as it should be too. Younger players getting as much learning in as possible before older players retire is one of the best parts of baseball — whether it’s a mentor/mentee relationship in the dugout or just with another player they see around the league from time to time.

Devers’ respect evaporated once the game started though. After being struck out by Colon his first time to the plate, Devers rocked a home run in his next at bat. He smashed that ball with authority for his fifth home run of the season. THWACK.

That’s one player child hitting a home run off of a player barrel of laughs who started pitching in this league five months after he was born. Then, in case you weren’t getting the message, he did it again.

Totally normal and not at all something that makes you feel instantly 1,000 years old. Have a great day.