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What the Royals did to the Orioles in one inning is incredibly NSFW

“Clobbered” is not a strong enough word.

Baltimore Orioles v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Avert your eyes if you have a sensitive stomach, and make sure there aren’t any impressionable children in the room before you read any further.

What the Royals did to the Orioles in a half an inning is absolutely NSFW.

Before Baltimore even got a chance to bat, Kansas City was already up, 10-0. That lead was achieved via four home runs, a sac fly, and some normal hits for good measure — nine in total. Just a brutal start for the birds. And did I mention this is against the Royals?

Let’s go to the full rundown to get a true sense of how the damage played out. Baltimore pulled Dylan Bundy after he let up seven earned runs, including all four of the dingers, while recording a grand total of zero outs.

The good (good?) news is Baltimore managed to make it through the top of the second without accruing any further damage. Although that’s kind of like saying your lungs are still working OK after you’ve been told you’re going to need a heart, kidney, and liver transplant.

Maybe just start over again tomorrow and hope for something better, Orioles. Because this one’s over.