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The Mets abandoned a runner in scoring position because they batted out of order


The New York Mets really did a New York Mets’ thing, and it’s only May! This year’s group of professional baseball players forgot which order they were supposed to bat in during the first inning of a game against the Reds, and went out of turn on Wednesday afternoon.

Asdrubal Cabrera hit a double, which is usually good! But this time it wasn’t, because Wilmer Flores was supposed to bat according to the lineup card sent in to the umpires. (The publicly posted lineup had Cabrera batting first, but oops. Maybe this was Mets manager Mickey Callaway’s fault after all.)

Reds manager Jim Riggleman strategically waited until Cabrera reached base to call out the mistake, and thus, the Mets lost a runner in scoring position.

There was confusion as to the semantics of the mistake, but according to ESPN, Jay Bruce, the batter after Cabrera, was called out even though he never had an at-bat. Cabrera’s double counted, though it led to nothing. Bruce’s automatic out meant the inning was over.

That was a doozy, but most importantly — LOL, METS.

Somehow, this isn’t all that uncommon for MLB teams. The most recent batting out of order mistake happened in 2016 to the Brewers. But the Reds’ official Twitter account made sure to roast their opponents for the embarrassing mistake anyway.