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Clayton Kershaw may have to go right back to the DL

Friday morning’s Say Hey, Baseball includes more back trouble for Kershaw, a look back at the league that inspired A League of Their Own and the challenges not shown in that movie, and a story about helmets.

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough year for the Dodgers, who were the consensus favorite in the National League West heading into the year and arguably the favorite to come back out of the National League for a second straight World Series appearance.

Things got off to a suboptimal start right off the bat when Justin Turner went down with injury before the season even started. He’s returned since then, though his bat hasn’t quite returned to form. Things got even worse when star shortstop Corey Seager went down with an arm injury that required Tommy John surgery. Pretty much every time they turn around something bad has happened, and it led to an early hole in the division.

They’ve been looking a lot more like we thought they’d look over the last few weeks, though, and while they are still under .500 on the season it has been looking like they may salvage this divisional race after all.

Los Angeles got some more good news on Thursday when Clayton Kershaw returned from the disabled list for his first start since May 1 due to back tightness. It looked like the next step for them to continue their recent roll. Instead, their ace and the longtime best pitcher in baseball didn’t look at all like himself. His velocity was down and he just wasn’t as sharp as we’re used to peak Kershaw being. After the game, we found out his back tightened up again and he’ll have to head in for another MRI. There’s no official word, but back injuries tend to linger (anyone of a certain age can attest to this) and Kershaw could land back on the disabled list.

It goes without saying that the Dodgers just don’t need this as they try to get back in the NL West race. As of this writing, the team finds themselves tied for third place with the Giants and six games behind the division-leading Rockies. Last season, they would have been better suited to get by this injury as they had some of the best rotation depth we’ve seen from any staff in recent memory. This year, though, between injuries and just a relative lack of bodies, they don’t have the same kind of talent to turn back on. The Dodgers need Kershaw, but it’s unclear how long this will affect him. Even if he does return, it’s hard to count on him being an elite pitcher in this game. It’s a strange and scary world we’re living in if we have to say that about Clayton Kershaw.

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