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The rain was so bad at one College World Series regional, players swam laps in the dugout

Stunningly, they did not get play any baseball today.

Four teams were supposed to kick off their College World Series on Friday in the Oxford Regional. None of these teams played an inning of baseball because there was so much rain in Oxford, Mississippi. So, so much rain.

So much rain that Ole Miss’ Swayze Field was underwater with more rain still coming down.

It was a deluge, and as such Missouri State, Tennessee Tech, Saint Louis, and Ole Miss all had their first games of the tournament postponed until Saturday. Hopefully by then they’ll have an ark as backup.

Not everyone let the rain ruin their day though. Rebels player Cole Catalano took the opportunity to swim in the dugout, which was filled to the brim with rainwater. This is basically just a lap lane now. Sorry to the baseball team, the swim team gets automatic ownership of the field and dugouts for their next meets.

Look at that lap time! Hopefully all of this water recedes by Saturday so the quartet of teams can get their games in while staying dry. At least they made the best of this Friday flood.