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The Mariners are getting their fans to submit All-Star Game votes by holding them hostage with the song ‘All Star’

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If you went to the Mariners game on Friday hoping for a peaceful night at the ballpark free of any Smash Mouth music, you did not get your wish. To get their fans to vote for Mariners players for the All-Star Game, Safeco Field is being filled with Smash Mouth’s “All Star” until fans vote enough times.

This is diabolical, and honestly I respect the heck out of it. Not everyone dislikes Smash Mouth (I am not one of these people), but a lot of people probably will probably hate the song enough by the time it plays a dozen times on repeat to go vote for their players.

They also have the current total number of votes on the scoreboard to motivate the voting. This is high level manipulation of their fans. Vote or “suffer.” Choose wisely, M’s fans.