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The Cubs helped the Brewers get out of a pickle by completely spacing out

Good job, good effort.

It’s usually really hard to get out of a pickle once you get caught. It usually takes some sliding, some base running chicanery, or some severe luck to make it back to a base safely. In the case of a Brewers-Cubs rundown on Tuesday night, that luck came in the form of the Cubs having a complete brain fart on the tag.

Watch for yourself because ... what?

The thing you learn about rundowns, from a very young age, is that you throw the ball back and forth and pin the player in between potential tags. Eventually, that player will either run into a tag on the base path or at the base itself.

The Cubs completely failed to do this by forgetting where the base was. Or forgetting to toss the ball to the other side of the baserunner. Either one is, uh, not great!!! Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain were both safe, and the Brewers dugout looked like this.

You never want the other team’s dugout to literally point and laugh at a play you made. That’s never a good sign. The Brewers won 4-0 so it didn’t really matter but, man. That’s demoralizing as heck.