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You should definitely watch an ump call a strikeout so forcefully he punched the catcher in the head

It was bound to happen eventually.

There are umpires who have very emphatic strikeout gestures. If you’ve made it to a high level and have a really cool strikeout move than good on you for using it. Go for it, I say. Show off a little, have some fun.

Unless you’re this guy from the Korean Baseball Organization, who might want to tone it down a little.

Yep, that’s an umpire getting so into things that he punches the Doosan Bears catcher right in the head. Here are some more angles.

It doesn’t actually look hard enough of a hit to actually cause damage, but the catcher never saw it coming. Rule number one in umpire is probably don’t call things terribly, but rule number two is probably along the lines of “don’t punch players in the head if you can help it.”

Better luck next time, good luck tweaking your strikeout punch so this doesn’t happen again.