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Andy Green said what we were all thinking about Joe West as he got ejected

Green got booted during San Diego’s game against the Braves on Friday.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been a baseball fan for long than, oh, five minutes, you know that veteran umpire Joe West sometimes makes questionable calls. Sometimes. And as it happens, managers and players sometimes disagree with those calls and then give Joe West a piece of their minds.

It’s so much fun, mostly because everyone who isn’t Joe West has the exact same opinion of Joe West. The latest example is Padres manager Andy Green, who got booted in a tied game on Friday night in Atlanta.

While arguing a questionable call, Green first threw his hat (which West later tried to hand back to him to no avail) while giving the ump a piece of his mind.

But the best part came a few minutes later, when Green turned on his way back to the clubhouse to yell “Don’t worry, Joe, I’m leaving so you can go and get another call wrong!” at his temporary foe.

Someone buy that man a drink or something later for saying what everyone else has thought about Joe West for years. Years! He’ll probably get some flack for that from higher ups at the league offices but it’s worth it because it’s true.