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Brewers pitcher threw up TWICE on the mound but still finished the inning

This story will be regurgitated for years

Sunday was a rough outing for Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Adrian Houser, and it was less about his performance on the mound but rather the deposits he left all around it. This isn’t a gag, I swear. Well, it kind of it. You’ll see.

Trailing the Philadelphia Phillies 8-5 in the top of the eighth inning the Brewers turned to the rookie right-hander, and before Houser even threw a pitch he vomited behind the mound.

Relievers are used to hearing that they blow chunks all the time. It goes with the job. But this is one of the first times a pitcher took this literally.

After giving up a double and a ground out to start the inning, the upchucking for Houser started again. I get that not everyone is a fan of the MLB-wide powder blue caps for Father’s Day, but I didn’t realize they could make players queasy.

After another brief delay he allowed another double to score a run but got out of the inning otherwise unscathed. It was the first run Houser has allowed in seven major league innings.

Houser hurled 16 pitches in the eighth, and got the heave ho after just one inning with Milwaukee trailing 9-5. What a way to make a living.