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Potomac Nationals players recreated the famous ‘Bull Durham’ mound conversation scene

The movie came out 30 years ago this week.

Bull Durham, the much-loved baseball film, celebrated its 30th anniversary this past Friday. Of course, the Triple A Durham Bulls enjoyed the anniversary with throwback uniforms and events, but they weren’t the only minor league team that got in on the fun.

The Potomac Nationals, one of Washington’s A-ball affiliates, recreated the famous mound conversation scene from the movie. And they did a pretty great job being faithful to the original source while still having some fun with their players and coaches.

If you’re not intimately familiar with the movie, here’s the original scene.

Most of those Potomac players probably grew up watching the movie and quoting it with their parents and teammates, as the movie from 1988 has more than endured among those who play and love the game.

This is as fun a way as any to honor a movie that is a favorite of ball players everywhere.