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The Mets should sign Jennifer Lopez

Hear me out.

The Mets should sign J. Lo.

Now wait a minute, just hear me out. We already know Jennifer Lopez has a more than solid grasp of baseball strategy, thanks to boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram post splicing together her analysis of the Moneyball phenomenon and his on-screen explanation of the same.

The Mets’ front office could probably use some shaking up when it comes to strategy and player management. One quick night school class on basic medical terminology and she’d probably be better than their trainers and medical staff as well.

Now, also thanks to a Rodriguez Instagram post of his better half (and I am putting so much emphasis on the better in better half here because who doesn’t love Lopez?) taking some backyard batting practice, we know she is also more than capable of making contact at the plate.

Launch angle by Macha @mlb @jlo

A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod) on

They’re batting .229 as a team on the season and .180 in June. Everyone’s hurt, about to be hurt, or just coming back from being hurt. They’ve hit 17 home runs this month, and six of them are courtesy of Brandon Nimmo.

They should sign J. Lo.

She wouldn’t necessarily be a player-manager, since Mickey Callaway is doing fine enough to keep his job right now. But a first base coach and pinch hitter? A lefty specialist? You’re reading this and nodding along right now. I can feel it. Tell me that her hand-eye coordination in that video isn’t doing a little bit to convince you?

She’s from New York, and even though she’s a Yankees fan, she could play for the Mets without accusations of favoritism related to her current partner. Plus, they could just add Lopez to the roster whenever she’s on the East Coast in between her jaunts to Vegas and Los Angeles. That would probably match up with their injury cycles anyway.

All we need is a video of Lopez fielding pop flies and I’d start a full-on campaign to make this happen. Can we at least get an appearance in the MLB All-Star Game?