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Florida outfielder completes amazing double play by throwing runner out FROM HIS BUTT


With Florida hanging onto a 1-0 lead in a College World Series matchup against Texas Tech, what looked like it could be an RBI hit into left field happened. Because of Florida left fielder Austin Langworthy, not only did no runs score but it ended up being an inning-ending double play instead.

Langworthy’s initial diving catch was impressive enough, with a roll around the outfield thrown in for good measure. But it was the second out that was truly unique, since he threw a runner out at second FROM HIS BUTT.


Go out into your yard tomorrow and see how far you can throw a ball sitting down. Just try it. Check what it’s like to not have your legs contributing to the strength of the throw.

This is impressive, and he makes it look mostly easy as far as the effort it takes to get the ball there. That’s what ab day at the gym is for, folks. Even if Florida doesn’t win the championship for the second year in a row, at least they’ll have the glory of butt throw.