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Ichiro put on a fake mustache and sweatshirt so he could be in the Mariners dugout

He’s technically not allowed in the dugout now that he has a front office role.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Because he’s no longer an active player (at least for the rest of this season) Ichiro isn’t allowed to be in the dugout for Mariners games any more. He’s been enjoying himself during pre-game activities, throwing batting practice for some players and taking some BP swings himself to keep up with his routine.

On Thursday, during the Mariners’ game against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Ichiro broke that rule. And he broke it in the best way possible. He went full Bobby Valentine.

An AP photographer got a glimpse of Ichiro in the dugout, where he sat for the first few innings of Thursday’s game. He was sporting a bushy fake mustache, sunglasses, and a sweatshirt pulled in around his face.

It’s not the most foolproof disguise — and he will probably hear from the league about it — but in all fairness he did warn people about it when he retired. In a Q&A with the Seattle Times in May he said,

Nothing is going to change for me that I did as a player. But I can’t say for certain that maybe I won’t put on a beard and glasses and be like Bobby Valentine and be in the dugout.

Bobby Valentine infamously snuck back into the Mets dugout in 1999 after being ejected in the 12th inning. He was later fined by the league.

Ichiro remains the absolute best.