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Minute Maid Park ate a Curtis Granderson pop up and everyone was confused

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Where’d it go?

Curtis Granderson took a nice cut at a Justin Verlander pitch on Monday night, and it flew sky high. Max Stassi stood up from behind the plate as if he were about to catch the ball he expected to come back down. Granderson and Verlander both expected the former to be out as soon as the ball took its sweet time coming down.

Except it never did. Minute Maid Park ate it.

The obvious star of this is Stassi circling around with his head tilted skyward looking for a ball that he thinks he’s missing somehow but in actuality is gone forever up in the catwalk.

Verlander and Granderson’s reactions are clear runners up though, with the pitchers slight smile just as fun as Granderson asking where the ball went and then laughing when he got confirmation that it’s lost for all of time thanks to the stadium’s quirks. Baseball is fun.

Maybe this is a new level of Verlander magic that we haven’t witnessed before now — he makes baseballs completely disappear.