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A Triple-A team is having a ‘Fortnite’-themed night complete with Llama Piñata jerseys

No word on whether some players will honor the night by having tendon issues from playing too much Fortnite.

The Omaha Storm Chasers — the Royals’ Triple-A affiliate — is having a themed night centered around the game Fortnite in August. The popular game is a favorite of baseball players and athletes everywhere.

The night will include themed jerseys which look like the game’s Llama Piñatas, which are an upgrade lootbox offered in the game. Even if the uniforms weren’t based on a such a cool looking llama, they’d be pretty stylish all the same. And a great argument for more teams to use teal and purple in their uniforms — if you do it right, it can look cool!

As someone who just started playing Fortnite and is very bad at it (this is a safe space to admit these things) I do finally feel like I can relate to all of the baseball players who find it so addicting. So addicting they’ve even been accused of gameplay causing injuries.

Fortnite is a favorite of athletes in all sports, so it was only a matter of time before a team went all-in and had a full-on theme night. However, if the “activities and games” don’t involve massive combined Fortnite Battle Royale games with everyone on site then that’s a huge opportunity lost.