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If the Red Sox and Yankees play 3 short games this weekend, Alex Cora is buying all the beat writers dinner

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There’s no way he loses this bet.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The average time of a baseball game in 2018 has trended slightly downward compared to recent seasons, hovering around three hours for a nine inning game this year. That’s good news for the league, which has implemented mound visit caps and threatened a pitch clock if things aren’t solved with the current methods.

For fans of some teams though — say, the Red Sox and Yankees — it’s obvious that no amount of changes can drop their games under three hours. Or even three and a half hours for that matter.

Alex Cora knows this, and when speaking with Boston beat reporters in advance of Boston’s three-game series in New York this weekend he made a bet with them over the length of each game.

If the three games, between teams that routinely hit the four hour mark, are all two and a half hours long or less, he’ll buy all the beat writers dinner. They even get to choose the restaurant, according to MassLive.

This is about the most secure bet Cora could have made. It will be a hotly contested series between two teams at the top of the AL East but it’s almost a guarantee that fans are in for at least a combined 12 hours of baseball this weekend.

Even more than usual, the writers will be rooting for each game to be quick. But they shouldn’t get their hopes up or imagine a particular steak they’re planning on ordering. This is one future that is incredibly easy to predict.