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Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer get to experience firsthand a Washington team getting close to a championship

They were the Fans of the Game during Capitals-Knights Game 4.

Nationals stars Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer were the Fans of the Game for Capitals-Golden Knights Game 4, and they leaned into the excitement when the camera found them in the stands.

Wearing full hockey gear (which must be so hot in June, even in a rink) Zimmerman and Scherzer were tapping their sticks and shouting as loudly as any other fan in the house for Game 4. The Capitals lead the series, 3-1, and will head back to Vegas for Game 5.

It would be awesome for Zimmerman and Scherzer to witness a Final win in person, seeing as they’ve never been able to experience that with their own Washington team. In fact, it might be disorienting for them to see a Washington team three rounds past their best efforts.

With any luck, this Capitals run will rub off on them and they can take it back to the Nationals’ clubhouse to turn their own postseason experience around. It would take a lot of luck though.