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FSU’s Jessie Warren makes the diving catch of the year in the Women’s College World Series


Up 1-0 and in the seventh inning against fifth-seeded Washington, sixth-seeded Florida State was looking to hold onto their slim lead and secure a Game 1 win. With a girl on first, a Washington player laid down a completely serviceable bunt and it looked like the Huskies would have two on with no outs.

Then, this happened.

Not only did FSU third baseman Jessie Warren make an INCREDIBLE diving catch, she then had the wherewithal to pop up and double up the runner on first. Absolutely amazing effort from Warren to reach this ball with a full layout, and have the reaction skills to quickly make the decision to do so in the first place.

She was perfectly positioned for a bunt, about a third of the way down the third base line and creeping in, but that doesn’t make the catch any less jaw dropping. If anything, it makes it more impressive because she knew exactly where to be.