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After ESPN mistake, Derek Holland is trying to use ‘Derek Lastname’ for Players Weekend

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Way to embrace it, Derek.

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

A few days ago, ESPN accidentally aired a chyron that called Giants pitcher Derek Holland “Derek Lastname.” Clearly not his name, and kind of embarrassing for the worldwide leader while airing a game. But it happens! And we all had a nice laugh.

Great times. Making fun of chyron mistakes is one of the main tenets of the sports internet and it had been a while since the last good one.

Amazingly, Holland is taking it one step further and wants to commit to the name mistake. At least for one weekend.

Players Weekend allows players around the league to put whatever nickname they want on the back of their jersey, as long as the league approves it. While I can’t think of why the league would deny Holland this very good joke, but this is MLB we’re talking about here. Sometimes they hate fun.

This is the exact way to embrace someone’s mistake about your name. If MLB takes this from us it would be entirely unfair. Derek Lastname must ride again.