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Jennifer Lopez might be the one behind Alex Rodriguez’s baseball analysis

Big if true.

Alex Rodriguez has completely turned public perception about him around over the past few years, thanks mostly to his new role as a studio analyst. He’s been showing off his baseball smarts in a relatable and endearing way and even those who once strongly disliked him have come around a bit.

It’s a huge success story, one that would have been almost unimaginable only a few years ago. But what a new Instagram video from A-Rod is here to tell you is ... what if it’s not his own doing?

Rodriguez posted a video of his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez in their home with a whiteboard, mapping out the Billy Beane-era Athletic’s and describing Moneyball. Spliced in with Lopez’s baseball lesson is Rodriguez giving the same spiel on a Fox pregame show.

Now, Jennifer Lopez is a perfect human being. She’s a huge Yankees fan and probably knows her stuff. At the same time, this definitely seems like she and A-Rod just decided to have some fun while they were hanging out at home, rather than it being proof that all of A-Rod success is due to Lopez. (Although both can be true.)

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t just give Lopez her own baseball show. Some working titles for it:

  • Jenny From The Trading Block
  • Glove Don’t Cost a Thing
  • Maid on Men Hittin’
  • The Batting Planner
  • Moneyball Train
  • Shall We Batting Stance?
  • Out of Strikes
  • Comerica Parker
  • Green Monster-In-Law
  • The Bat Boy Next Door
  • Jerseys Girl
  • Batting Ordertown
  • Shades of Dodger Blue