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Trade Rumor Grade: Noah Syndergaard to the Brewers?

The Brewers might have the prospects to make it happen.

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With the Mets flailing more and more as the season goes on (they went 5-20 in June) it looks more and more likely that either of Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergaard, or both will be shipped out of town before the end of the month. With a trade deadline move more of a possibility every day, the rumors are starting to build about where the Mets’ rotation stars could go.

There are multiple possibilities for where Noah Syndergaard could go — including the Brewers, Braves, Dodgers, and Yankees — but some rumors are more legit than others. Let’s tackle the most realistic of these possible Syndergaard suitors for this trade rumor grade.

The Rumor

In a recent piece for the New York Daily News, John Harper breaks down some of the alleged suitors for Syndergaard. A few of them (ahem, Yankees) look to be the result of wishful thinking rather than confirmed chatter, but others are the type of tantalizing rumors that have some realism behind them and as such are worth a closer look.

Which brings us to the Brewers, who spent their offseason eyeing starting pitching but not actually signing any of the major names (Yu Darvish, Alex Cobb, Lance Lynn, Jake Arrieta) who could have helped them in a competitive NL Central. Now Harper says sources are indicating the Brewers might be a real possibility to snag Syndergaard from New York.

Why it makes sense for the Mets to trade Syndergaard

Because they suck, for one. After an initial hot start the Mets are once again a small tragedy, and getting more depressing by the day. They’re fourth in the NL East and a whopping 14.5 games back from the first-place Braves. While anything is possible, the Mets are probably not achieving any sort of miraculous turnaround this year.

So it’s time to gather some prospects for anyone they can and finally admit that this particular roster construction aren’t heading for another postseason run. As tough as that is. Syndergaard will get them the most back of anyone on the roster, and while it would be very Mets to pull back from the trade deadline precipice after gauging interest, it’s time for them to pull the trigger here.

Corey Ray, Corbin Burnes, and top prospect Keston Hiura are all potential prospects on the table for the Mets to target according to Harper. The Mets need to bolster their farm system if they’re committing to a deal like this and the Brewers can provide them with good, young pieces.

Why it makes sense for the Brewers to trade for Syndergaard

Because the rotation they have right now has been enough to get them to first in the division, but might not be enough to secure them a deep run in the postseason. Jhoulys Chacin, Freddy Peralta, and Chase Anderson just don’t spur you to imagine “World Series Champion Milwaukee Brewers” lights flashing, but they’re a solid foundation to add to. Especially if Zach Davies can come back from the DL and lower his 5.23 ERA in any significant way.

Getting Syndergaard is exactly what they need to add to that foundation. Syndergaard has a 3.06 ERA and a 124 ERA+ in 64.2 innings pitched this season, and a 1.175 WHIP to go with it. It’s not a career best season, but the Brewers aren’t exactly going to look at that stat line and scoff. They only have a half-game lead on the Cubs in the division, and that pressure should be more than enough to make a move that helps them keep a lead for the rest of the season and positions them to at least have a chance to make a splash in the playoffs.

Rumor grade

B+. It’s still early in the month, so the urgency of rumors hasn’t peaked yet. But this one works for both teams, and while the “sources” behind it are murky that’s never stopped us from believing a rumor before.

Syndergaard might not be in pinstripes by the end of July, but he could be enjoying some bratwurst in Milwaukee without it being too much of a shock.