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Let’s keep track of all the Baltimore Orioles losses together

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Baltimore was eliminated from winning the AL East with 46 games remaining in the season.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles are historically bad in 2018, and they aren’t alone. Keep track here as they rack up the losses at an uncommon rate.

The bottom line

Current record: 35-81 (.302)

162-game pace: 49-113

Teams with 115+ losses in the modern era: 4
120 - 1962 Mets
119 - 2003 Tigers
117 - 1916 A’s
115 - 1935 Braves

Early elimination

The good news for the Orioles in their series opener against the Red Sox was that Baltimore scored 12 runs. The bad news is that they lost by seven, with the two teams combining for the most runs scored in an MLB game in 2018. Boston (82-35) has almost an inverse record of Baltimore (35-81), and the Orioles’ 46½-game deficit with just 46 games left to play means Baltimore is eliminated from winning the American League East.

It is August 10.

If this seems rare, it’s because it is!

Offense comes alive

The Orioles not only took the final three games of their (July 27-29) weekend series against the Rays; Baltimore scored 37 runs in the wallopings. Chris Davis hit two of the Orioles’ four home runs on Sunday, and the struggling first baseman has three home runs in his last four games and has scored in five consecutive contests.

Baltimore on Sunday kept dealing, trading reliever Brad Brach to the Braves.

A reprieve!

Baltimore was headed for yet another series loss on Wednesday, but Mother Nature stepped in to help them out. After splitting the first two games against the Red Sox, the Orioles were getting shellacked in the series finale. Andrew Benintendi and J.D. Martinez homered in the first inning, then Mookie Betts hit a three-run shot in the second, giving Boston a 5-0 lead.

That’s when the rains came, and the game was postponed, wiping out those two innings of work. The Sox had some fun with it, at least.

Love in an elevator

Baltimore had a 4-1 lead on July 22 in Toronto, only to see Randal Grichuk and Yangervis Solarte each hit two-run home runs in a 5-4 Blue Jays win, completing the Blue Jays sweep. Oh yeah, and a few Orioles got stuck in an elevator this weekend.

The break... up

Manny Machado was traded to the Dodgers, but even with his departure Tim Beckham in the first two games after the All-Star break went 2-for-4 at shortstop in both contests, including a home run on Friday night. It didn’t matter, with Baltimore suffering a pair of losses to the Blue Jays.

On Saturday, Alex Cobb allowed four runs — only one of them earned — to suffer the loss in Toronto. Cobb, who signed a four-year, $57 million contract in the offseason, is now 2-13 with a 6.17 ERA. Among the 120 major league pitchers with at least 70 innings in 2018, Cobb ranks 120th in ERA.

The Orioles are 28-71, owners of the worst record in baseball. In the last 100 seasons only seven teams have had worse starts through 99 games, led by the beacon of futility — the 1962 Mets, who were 25-74 en route to finishing 40-120 in their inaugural campaign.

Of the 11 other teams in that span to finish 28-71 or worse, only two teams finished with a winning percentage of at least .300 — the 1923 Boston Braves and 1979 Oakland A’s.

Worst 99-game starts in the last 100 years

Team Through 99 games Final record
Team Through 99 games Final record
1962 New York Mets 25-74 40-120 (.250)
1935 Boston Braves 25-74 38-115 (.248)
1932 Boston Red Sox 26-73 43-111 (.279)
1941 Philadelphia Phillies 26-73 43-111 (.279)
1945 Philadelpha Phillies 26-73 46-108 (.299)
1979 Oakland A's 26-73 54-108 (.333)
2003 Detroit Tigers 26-73 43-119 (.265)
1919 Philadelphia A's 28-71 36-104 (.257)
1923 Boston Braves 28-71 54-100 (.351)
1928 Philadelphia A's 28-71 43-109 (.282)
1952 Pittsburgh Pirates 28-71 42-112 (.273)
2018 Baltimore Orioles 28-71 TBD

Even the 1988 Orioles, who famously began their season at a record 0-21, were 31-68 through 99 games. That’s three games better than the current Baltimore team. Yikes.