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After losing a foul ball to an adult, this kid was rewarded by the Cubs

A young Chicago Cubs fan will have a nice story to tell from Sunday’s game, a satisfying resolution to what was an unfortunate situation.

There are no written rules for fans that cover such a thing, but the general rule on foul balls in the stands is to defer to the younger fan. It’s hard to go wrong with this strategy, which was not employed in the fourth inning on Sunday at Wrigley Field.

A ballboy flipped a foul ball to a young fan, but the kid did not catch it, allowing the ball to roll under his seat to the row behind him, where it was picked up, and kept, by an adult.

This adult might have deserved the benefit of the doubt. After all, he might have a child at home who also wants a baseball. This we don’t know. But that goodwill went out the window because the ballboy specifically tossed the ball to the child in the front row.

Common sense and decency prevailed later in the game, when the Cubs delivered two baseballs directly to the kid, including a ball autographed by Javier Baez, no less.

The smile on this child’s face is just the happy ended this story needed.