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Max Scherzer is apparently a soul-crushing Connect Four player

Don’t even try to beat him.

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Max Scherzer is one of the best (if not the outright best) pitchers of the league right now. At the time of this post he has a 2.43 ERA, a 175 ERA+, has already pitcher more than 140 innings, has 189 strikeouts, and is on pace to have a career high strikeouts per nine innings at 12.1.

He is also, apparently, a ruthlessly good Connect Four player as evidenced by an anecdote tweeted out by MASN’s Nationals reporter Dan Kolko before Monday’s game.

There’s so much happening here and all of it is incredible. That Scherzer and Kolko were playing Connect Four in the first place. That Kolko couldn’t even sniff a win 75% of their matchups. The image of a stoic yet pitying Scherzer walking away from the table in an act of mercy after humiliating his opponent.

Actually, the last part is pretty close to how other teams must feel after he pitches a gem on any given night.

The only natural next step here is to somehow get Scherzer and fellow Connect Four-head Rajon Rondo in the same room and have them face off for charity. Or just for our own entertainment and the Athletes Who Are Unnaturally Good At Connect Four bragging rights.