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Carlos Gomez apologizes to the Gatorade coolers he destroyed earlier this week

All is forgiven.

Carlos Gomez had a bit of a frustrating game for the Rays on Wednesday, and he took his frustrations out on pretty much every dugout cooler he could find when he walked off the field. Seriously. He went at ‘em.

We’ve seen baseball players do that before. David Ortiz with the bullpen phone. A myriad of other players have unleashed pent up frustrations with a bat smash, a glove throw, or the destruction of the water coolers over the years. But what we usually don’t see is a player then apologize to the inanimate objects he tossed around or hit in the dugout.

Carlos Gomez did though, and a teammate filmed the apology firsthand.

I'm sorry, I hope we can be cool again. ❤️

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That is a ... um ... sincere apology to some coolers. Baseball players should probably start trying other outlets for their frustrations rather than taking out their frustrations on the dugout decorations, since it’s not really a great way to act in general. Even if it’s a little entertaining for the rest of us.

But Gomez making fun of his outburst (which the internet already did for him with plenty of jokes) is a light way to put a button on this particular issue. Next time he can just sign up for a 6am boxing class the next day instead.