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Mound Visits: MLB pitchers, please starting washing your hands

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Plus Marines streaking, Godzilla toys, and anything else you missed in baseball this week.

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Welcome to Mound Visits, your weekly recap of the best things you might have missed in baseball every week. This week brings us streaking from the troops, a team actually running out of mound visits, and another (?!) case of hand, foot, and mouth disease in the majors.

Have a favorite baseball moment from the week? Tweet it at me, and I’ll include it in next week’s column.

Old men yell at T-shirts

At this point everyone has probably had enough of talking about the absurd moment last weekend when Braves broadcasters Joe Simpson and Chip Caray complained about Dodgers players wearing T-shirts to batting practice. T-shirts that were part of MLB’s K Cancer campaign. Again, during batting practice.

It’s not worth getting into all of the idiocy involved in their comments because many have already done it. I’m including it here because the player reactions to the comments were leaps and bounds more entertaining than the controversy about T-shirts.

Well done, guys.

Remorseful ... but not THAT remorseful

At the deadline, the Astros traded for suspended Jays reliever Roberto Osuna, who is currently awaiting trial for domestic assault and is still serving a 75-game suspension under the league’s domestic violence policy until Saturday. The Jays were only trading him because they were looking to get something for a person they no longer wanted pitching for their team but didn’t have the fortitude to just release him.

The worst part (besides the Astros having no moral backbone and Osuna continuing to be employed on a World Series contender) the situation unfurled exactly as everyone expected it to. The Astros cited Osuna’s remorse and their no-tolerance policy when defending the signing. But then ...

Love rooting for baseball. Baseball is great. Nothing stomach churning to see here.

Red, white, and the boys in blue

So this happened right after the last out of tonights blow out: Rangers 11, Astros 2. Freedom Hard hahah run Chris run lol this is how hard he freedom's lol #Merica Check this out ya'll lol glad I wasn't working tonight hahah.

Posted by Cory Strouth on Friday, July 27, 2018

Marine Corps veteran Chris White waited until the last pitch was thrown in the Astros’ 11-2 loss to the Rangers a week ago before he took the field, took his pants off, and got everyone at Minute Maid Field by streaking in American flag boxers.

White’s strategy was shaky to start — why not take your pants off beforehand instead of in the middle of the outfield once security is already on to you — but from there he impresses by juking two cops before finally surrendering to his fate of a trespassing charge. That second cop probably wants this footage off the internet as much as possible because he got shown up for sure.

The armed forces vet streaked for charity, hoping to raise awareness for the organization Freedom Hard, which hopes to stem the tide of veteran suicides, and told Click 2 Houston of the stunt,

“If I can make you laugh for at least five minutes then you’re not thinking about that dark space you could potentially be in. If I can gear it toward patriotism, to me, I consider that the holy grail. There are organizations out there that support the prevention of veteran suicides and if you are a veteran that’s struggling, there is hope,” White said. “I can assure you that.”

After a GoFundMe raised more than $500 for his bail, he donated those proceeds to another veterans organization. This might be the most proactive, worthy display of streaking at a baseball field in years.

When your Uber drives right past you and has to go around the block

Another one? Really?

Barely more than a week after Mets ace Noah Syndergaard contracted a disease rarely seen in adults after volunteering at a children’s baseball camp, J.A. Happ has hit the disabled list with hand, foot, and mouth disease as well. Worryingly, we don’t know how Happ contracted it other than that at first they thought it was minor and now he’s on the disabled list. Everyone at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field wash your hands.

Kids are good when they’re not giving you hand, foot, and mouth disease

A small fan sent tiny Godzilla figurines to Brewers players to help them improve after a rough streak and — at least mentally — they worked. Freakin’ adorable.

LOL Phillies

Let’s take a week away from LOL Mets because they were pretty quiet this week and look to LOL Phillies. While not as constant, and certainly not as deep-seated an “LOL” as the Mets give us as an organization, it’s still fun to watch as a team runs right into some laughs for us. In this case, the Phillies ran into two of them. Both on the basepaths.

LOL Mets

By mercifully quiet, I meant the Mets were mercifully quiet at the plate of course. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly because it’s the Mets, 25 runs isn’t even the most they’ve given up in one game in their history.

That game did give us this amazing moment where Ryan Zimmerman pretended to charge the mound after being hit by a Jose Reyes pitch that would have barely put a dent in a pillow.

Javy Baez is magic

Under no circumstances do I want this moment explained to me.