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Matt Harvey admits he has regrets and gets a tribute video from the Mets in his return to New York

Harvey is visiting his old team for the first time since being DFA’d.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s always been a fun coincidence (for non-Mets fans) that “Mets” rhymes with “regrets” and this season it’s seemed to be less a coincidence than a mission statement. Nothing is a better reminder of that than Matt Harvey’s kind of sad, mostly unfortunate departure from the Mets earlier this season.

In his return to Citi Field for the first time since being DFA’d and picked up by the Reds, where he’s managed to turn his season and possibly the rest of his career around, Harvey admitted that he had some regrets about his time with the Mets. He told press before the game,

“I can understand that there will be some boos. I do want everybody to know I do regret a lot of mistakes I made. But I did put my heart into this organization.”

The Mets played a tribute video to welcome him back, and Mets fans were supportive of him while it was playing. The video captured the excitement that Harvey Day in the rotation once elicited and how high a peak Harvey actually had in New York.

There were more cheers than boos for it, although there also weren’t many fans in the stand to cheer or boo.

The lack of fans is probably because it’s a Monday night matchup between the 45-64 Mets and the 49-63 Reds and it’s 8,000 degrees in New York and no one wants to get out of their house just for a tribute video. But the gesture happened, and it was a nice video for Harvey, and it seems like everyone has fully moved on from the end of his days as a Met. That’s great news for everyone.