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Felix Hernandez ruined Adrian Beltre with a curveball and then laughed at him

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They continue to be baseball’s best friendship.

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre continue to be baseball’s best friendship. Whether it’s Felix trying to rub Beltre’s head even though he knows he doesn’t like it or many other mess-arounds, their “rivalry” is constantly entertaining and never fails to offer laughs.

This time, the laughs were literal. During Tuesday night’s Rangers-Mariners face off, Hernandez faced Beltre at the plate and absolutely ruined him with a strike three curveball. Beltre’s swing can barely be classified as a swing here. It was a targeted strike of a pitch and Beltre couldn’t do anything.

As he walked back to the dugout, Hernandez belly laughed at him the whole way. There was even some pointing. It was awesome.

Hands on his knees level laughing here, it’s amazing. Here’s a better look at the pitch, the swing, and Felix’s face.

Felix is fighting for his spot in the Mariners’ rotation as Seattle fights for a spot in the postseason. So it’s only fair that he still gets to find joy in messing with Beltre every time they play against each other. This is peak Felix-Beltre and after this season one of them might not be in the league any more.

So let’s appreciate this moment a little bit extra because the chances for things like this to happen are dwindling.