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Spencer Kieboom lost a tooth before hitting his first career home run

No, he didn’t swing so hard he knocked a tooth out. But it’s still awesome.

Update: Kieboom did indeed lose a tooth on Tuesday before hitting his first career home run. It just didn’t happen right before he hit the home run, but while eating a baguette with his breakfast earlier in the day. And it wasn’t even a tooth, but a veneer.

Regrettably, that means he wasn’t actually spitting out a tooth at the plate. We definitely wish he was though.

Spencer Kieboom had one major league call up in 2016 for a single game, but has had much more of an opportunity to make an impact in Washington this year as he’s spent upwards of 40 games with the Nationals as they’ve dealt with injuries to their catchers. He’s hitting only .198 with five doubles, but Kieboom got his first Major League home run on Tuesday in the opening game of a doubleheader against the Phillies.

Everyone’s first career home run is memorable to them personally, but this one is definitely . going to be one to remember for all of us. Because right before he hit the dinger, Kieboom apparently lost his tooth and spit it out as he was stepping to the plate.

You can see his missing tooth as he rounds the bases here. He helps us out by pointing to that big gap in his teeth. Bless him.

No, Kieboom didn’t knock the tooth out with his swing. As MASN’s Dan Kolko reports, he did indeed spit it out before he even faced a pitch.

You can see the tooth flying out of his mouth in Cut4’s video here. Super casual, just losing a tooth guys. Nothing to see here. About to hit a dinger.

The Nationals had some fun with the strange occurrence. Of course, maybe they don’t want to remind their fans that it’s almost hockey season (where a D.C. team with a championship will be playing) seeing as they’re not even making the playoffs this year.

Hopefully the team can call up one of the Capitals players’ preferred dentists to get that fixed right away. It’s still not clear why his tooth was loose enough to spit out in the first place.