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Mariners players reportedly fought in the clubhouse before Tuesday’s game

Dee Gordon asked the media to leave before they could witness what happened.

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Before the Mariners’ Tuesday night game against the Orioles, there was reportedly an altercation in Seattle’s clubhouse involving multiple players. As told by Seattle Times’ Mariners beat reporter Ryan Divish, the team had “an altercation in the clubhouse pregame. Dee Gordon asked the media to leave and shut the doors and the incident broke out minutes later.”

While Divish couldn’t confirm which players were involved in the scuffle as the media only heard what was going on but did not actually witness it, he described the incident as “guys in a big scrum trying to break it up.” Manager Scott Servais wasn’t a part of the situation, as he was on field at the time. But he is apparently trying to figure out what went on for himself. Maybe once he does he can be nice enough to share it with us.

Now, things like this happen in baseball all the time. Especially when a team is going through a second half like the Mariners, where they’ve dropped from their June 13th first place perch all the way down to third in the division behind the Astros and A’s thanks to a post-break record of 18-22. But it’s still notable that Gordon apparently felt something brewing and knew to get the media out of there ASAP.

Either that, or Seattle had scheduled a previously decided upon fight that everyone forgot was on their calendars and when they all got the iCal notification they acted fast and shut the doors. The first rule of Fight Clubhouse is you don’t talk about Fight Clubhouse. And media is definitely not invited.

With the Mariners 5.5 games back from the A’s for the AL’s second Wild Card slot, things are looking bleak. A clubhouse fight like this could be the death knell for their comeback chances. Or, if they’re lucky, maybe it lights a fire that propels them to a postseason appearance after all.

Probably not.