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The Nationals’ Dominican Republic academy players are going absolutely nuts for Juan Soto

These are the videos we need.

Nobody is enjoying Juan Soto’s World Series run more than the Dominican Republic — especially the Nats’ Dominican academy players, who were losing it watching Soto go off.

There’s a deeper reason behind why this means so much to players in the Nats’ academy than just watching their team win. Soto is a heroic figure to everyone trying to make it to the big leagues. The 20-year-old was in the minor league system just a year and a half ago, before making his major league debut and becoming the phenom he is now.

Soto represents fulfillment of a dream. Proof that anyone who was in his position in the Dominican Republic could ascend through the Nats’ system and become one of the most important players in Major League Baseball.

That kind of influence can’t be overlooked. We’re used to seeing players make big plays early in their careers, but not everyone is able to make this kind of monumental success before they turn 21 years old. Soto is about to do just that, with his birthday falling on Friday — the third game of the World Series.

Soto can celebrate tomorrow, and we’ll enjoy watching all these incredible videos coming out of the system showing these players losing it over both the Nats’ success, and Soto’s achievements.