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The Nationals fan who didn’t drop his beers for a home run ball made the right choice

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Nationals fan Jeff Adams ended up getting the baseball that he refused risking his beers over, but even if he didn’t, he made the right choice.

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World Series - Houston Astros v Washington Nationals - Game Five Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The biggest star of World Series Game 5 between the Astros and Nationals wasn’t a player on either team, but rather a quick-thinking, beer-wielding Nationals fan in the outfield bleachers named Jeff Adams.

In the top of the 2nd inning, the Astros’ Yordan Alvarez got all of a Joe Ross pitch, and sent it toward the center field wall, where Adams became faced with a decision: risk his beers and catch a home run ball at the World Series (by the opposing team, mind you), or get pegged by the baseball and soothe the pain with tallboy Bud Lights.

He made the right choice, and took the ball to the chest, beers securely fastened in his grasp:

Adams ended up getting the ball too, because of his sound fundamentals that he learned in Little League, according to the Washington Post:

“I had a Little League coach, his name was Wayne Mitchell,” Adams said, standing in front of the in-stadium restaurant. “He taught me how to put my chest in front of a ball and let it bounce in front of me. So put my chest in front of it, right? And I angled down. Sure enough, hit me right in the chest. Went straight down. And I got it.”

Catching a home run baseball in the World Series would be cool, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s not worth risking your beer over, especially in this particular scenario. A pair of 16oz Bud Lights likely cost him $19, which isn’t cheap, especially for beers that you could get a 20-pack of for the same price.

To the beer snobs reading this in disgust: Nobody cares that you could get “better” beer, or whatever, and that BuD LiGhtS aRe WorTh DroPpiNg. Go enjoy your Pumpkin Spice IPA in peace while guys like Jeff Adams get a buzz for less money. Your palate might be more “exquisite,” but nobody likes a jerk!

Adams paid good money for those beers, and likely for the ticket to see his Nationals in the World Series. He didn’t pay for the baseball that is probably going to be part of the effort put forth that will stop his favorite team from winning the World Series. If they’re going to lose (they did, 7-1), at least he’s gotten the most of the beer he purchased to ease the pain.

If I were Adams, I probably would have turned around and let that baseball plunk me in the back since there’s more muscle there to absorb the blow. It’s also less likely to stop my heart.

But I also wasn’t the most fundamentally sound baseball player, either. He kept his beer, and was rewarded with a baseball. Good for him.