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3 hilarious videos of Nationals fans celebrating the World Series on live TV

Nats fans were rowdy. TV was not ready.

Nothing was better after the Nationals World Series win that seeing live TV reports from the streets of D.C. — nothing.

I cannot imagine anything more stressful than trying to manage live TV reporting in the field during a massive celebration surrounded by intoxicated, giddy sports fans. You’re literally putting yourself in a situation where you know something is going to happen that could make you part of a meme — and you’re powerless. Shout out to this reporter for owning it and asking the tough questions like “Is that weed?”

It was a little rougher over on FOX5, where they definitely didn’t expect this guy to go for it. Warning: NSFW language.

At this point you have to think that word got around. There was weed smoke billowing in the streets and fans waiting to slam President Donald Trump on live TV. Networks needed to call an audible and try to find the most gentle, unassuming fans around and try to get some nice, sweet, safe-for-TV words out of them.

How about this woman? She looks innocent enough.

Thank you, Washington, not only for giving us one of the best World Series on record — but for all the postgame memes in your streets.