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MLB free agents emerging from a gift box

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MLB holiday gift guide 2019

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and what better way to bring cheer than by signing a free agent. Here’s a look at the most attractive presents this winter, including some big-ticket items as well as a few stocking stuffers that are sure to please.

Behind the velvet rope

This free agent class is headlined by three elite players we just saw in the World Series.

Rotation regulars

If you miss out on Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg, there are several starting pitchers out there for the taking. A team like the Angels, which needs roughly an entire staff, could upgrade by buying in bulk here.

The hitters

After Anthony Rendon, there are still a few impact players on offense just waiting to be signed.

What a relief

The market for relief pitching is quite thin, especially since closer Aroldis Chapman didn’t opt out of his deal and rather leveraged himself into one more year added to the end of his existing contract.


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