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The World Series champion Washington Nationals would like to remind you they are World Series champions

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Not sure if you remember, but the Nationals won the World Series

The Washington Nationals won the World Series in 2019, an unforgettable moment in franchise history. It’s especially unforgettable if you follow the Nationals on Twitter.

To the victor (Robles) goes the spoils, and the Nationals are rightfully enjoying and celebrating their postseason triumph at every opportunity online. It has been a joy to watch. The latest came Friday, with Washington announcing the signing of reliever Will Harris to a three-year contract.

I’m not going to lie, I half-expected the highlight video in that tweet to end with Harris, then with the Astros, giving up the lead-changing home run to Howie Kendrick in Game 7 that helped make the Washington Nationals into the World Series champion Washington Nationals.

That home run was featured in other Nationals tweets last month, most notably after Washington re-signed Kendrick for 2020.

A quick perusal of @Nationals reveal 86 tweets since December 1, not counting replies. Thirty-nine of them specifically mentioned either the Nationals as World Series champions or referenced that Washington won the World Series, or referred to a player as a World Series champion, like so:

The Nationals also had 13 other tweets with media from either the World Series or part of their wonderful postseason run. There were also a series of tweets for the “12 days of Strasmas” celebrating the return of Stephen Strasburg, many of which included highlights from his own October brilliance. Those tweets weren’t to be confused with other tweets that were sure to mention him asWorld Series MVP Stephen Strasburg.”

Washington’s social media team was creative in pointing out the championship pedigree, including welcoming Georgetown soccer into the local title scene. But they even joined in a few viral moments, including Spotify’s playlist and SB Nation’s photo of the decade.

Perhaps my favorite series of Nationals tweets were the eight identical tweets, one for each night of Hanukkah.

This is all in good fun, and I have come to enjoy just how the Nationals might be able to remind us that they are in fact the reigning champions with each new tweet. It has been a sort of baseball advent calendar of sorts, though we are now at two months and counting on the celebration.

I expect this to continue, and it absolutely should. Good for the Nationals for celebrating their accomplishment, and good for their fans who get to enjoy it. Washington gets to do this because, after all...

You wouldn’t want people to forget this fact, after all.