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Joe Kelly briefly forgets how to baseball, breaks a window

Joe Kelly maybe shouldn’t have used a window as part of his backstop.

Joe Kelly is a good pitcher. At the major league level, against hitters trying to ruin his day, he has a career walk rate of 3.7 per nine innings. For an MLB pitcher, that’s nothing to write home about; for a human being, that’s an extraordinary feat of baseball-hurling. Professional athletes are extremely good at what they do.

But even the best pitchers in the world sometimes regret using windows as part of their backstop.

This is a spectacular miss, the sort of thing you see in celebrity first pitches or Rick Ankiel playoff appearances. The aftermath is also extremely funny — the way the glass falls as the damage is being surveyed from inside the house is a masterpiece of comic timing, and the whole thing drips with a wonderfully unspoken “oh no.”

We will forgive Kelly his lack of accuracy, of course. It’s hard to keep up one’s skills during a time of crisis. Hopefully, however, he’s in a less erratic mood by the time he faces live hitters again, or that last adjective might be quickly falsified.