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Some kid snuck into a ballpark, and recorded a fairly pleasant message on a camera

Don’t sneak into ballparks, kids.

Anyone would be frightened to learn that someone broke into their place of work while they weren’t there, only to leave a mysterious video. It sounds like something that came out of a comic book where the villain is trying to get into the head of the superhero, but this actually happened to a baseball announcer.

Andrew Chapman, announcer for the Jackson Generals, Arizona Diamondbacks’ Double-A affiliate, was looking through his files on his work computer when he discovered an unusual file.

While baseball, and having fans at ballparks, is still on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, a random kid decided to sneak into the ballpark, recorded a video of himself, and saved it if and when someone would discover it. It didn’t take more than a few weeks for Chapman to find it hidden in his files. The kid, sporting a bandana and only one glove with the thumb cut out of it, left a short video. None of it was menacing and he even wished the viewer and his family well. He used most of the video to explain why he did it:

It’s April 26, 2020. I decided to sneak into the ballpark amidst all this, you know, quarantine shit. I was very bored, sitting at home, you know. Not continuing my future like I should have been. Been stuck inside. And I figured I would leave something on this camera I found in case all this gets back to normal and someone finds this. And I’m sure someone will because this stadium is bound to open up at some point.

The kid didn’t do anything else, which was good. I know the urge to go outside in the midst of this quarantine is tempting, breaking into a ball park probably isn’t the best idea. Depending on which state you live in, you can go to the park or just take a stroll around your block instead. Having said that, an empty ballpark has zero people in it which is probably safer than most places. Still, if there’s one thing to take from all this, it’s this: lock your dang room/office.