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Cleveland hid Nicolas Cage in last season’s lineup graphics. Almost no one noticed.

This is hilarious

If you’re looking for a way to kill some time, may I recommend browsing through all of Cleveland’s twitter timeline? I promise it isn’t as monotonous as it sounds and in fact, it could be the scavenger hunt you’ve needed all week. That’s because if you look through all 162 lineup graphics that they made last season, you’ll find that 39 of them have hidden Nicolas Cage faces. Yes, I’m serious.

And the team isn’t lying. If you go back and find a few, chances are Nic Cage will be there, hiding in Bobby Bradley’s bicep with the help of a convenient shadow, watching Jordan Luplow get a base hit from the stands, or simply being a tattoo on Carlos Santana’s chest.

If you look closely at the lineup graphic from April 7 featuring Mike Clevinger you’ll see Nicolas Cage there. Just zoom in on Clevinger’s wrist. Cage is hanging out in the middle of that sunflower. Their social media followers are now trying to go back and search for them, and while they have a found a few, it might take a while to find all the Nicolas Cage faces.

Here’s another one with Cage’s heat floating in the stands to the right of Clevinger.

And the best part is that almost no one caught it during the 2019 season. There is one person on Twitter who noticed it in April of last year, and they might be the only one who mentioned it to the team account on Twitter:

Do you think you can find one? Click on this Twitter query to see all of the team’s tweets with the hashtag #RallyTogether. Some of these are the lineup posts you need to find all 39 Nicolas Cage faces.

Leave a comment if you find any others!