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Thom Brennaman dropped a homophobic slur on a hot mic, then called a home run during his apology

Brennaman was pulled off the broadcast after his apology.

Veteran announcer Thom Brennaman dropped a homophobic slur live on air Wednesday night during the Cincinnati Reds vs. Kansas City Royals game. As Brennaman started apologizing later in the game, Reds outfielder Nick Castellanos hit a home run that Brennaman called before going back into his apology.

This is the most surreal sports moment of 2020 and it should be the last time you hear Brennaman call a game again.

Here’s the video of Brennaman saying the slur. Obviously there is sensitive and inappropriate language ahead.

Here’s Brennaman’s apology and home run call.

“I made a comment tonight that I am deeply ashamed of,” Brennaman said on the air. “I am so very, very sorry. I pride myself as a man of faith. I don’t know if I’ll be putting on this headset again.”

That is a weak apology (you can watch more of it here). Brennaman apologized to his bosses but not the people he used a slur to describe.

Brennaman was then pulled off the broadcast. Jim Day called play-by-play the rest of the game.

Update: Here’s a statement from the Reds, which says Brennaman has been suspended.