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Twins-Pirates gave us baseball’s first-ever DRONE DELAY


I know everyone is clamoring to watch live sports, but seriously people — don’t fly a drone into a baseball stadium.

Tuesday afternoon’s game between the Pirates and Twins was hit with one of the more bizarre delays we’ve seen in a long, long time ... a DRONE DELAY! What’s a drone delay? It’s a delay caused by a drone. Kinda one of those things where it’s written right on the tin.

Everyone has picked up new hobbies in quarantine, I get it. I started baking my own bread, and can make a pretty decent pizza dough in a pinch, but even if you’ve decided to have a penchant for drone photography, maybe don’t interrupt a live sporting event to fly around and get some glamor shots. At best it’s a little creepy, at worst you delay a sport already struggling to play in the first place because of Covid-19 outbreaks.

2020 remains the weirdest.