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Brent Suter rolling off the mound like a confused armadillo is just what baseball needed

The Sutersault is real, and it’s spectacular.

It’s been a tough year in baseball, but everything is a little better in the world after you see this clip.

This moment could happen to any of us. Just a guy, trying to do his best to play baseball, awkwardly rolling off the mound when his cleat turns unexpectedly. It’s no so much that Suter rolled, it’s how he plays it all off. Dude just stands up and stretches his neck, playing it off like it was all intentional.

Of course, we know Suter didn’t mean to somersault off the mound — but I like to imagine it was intentional. A little mid-game break dancing to calm his nerves. If I were him I’d do this at least once every game, just to keep batters on their toes. Is a fastball down the middle of the plate coming, or an awkward roll? Who’s to know?

Really, Suter’s roll is a lesson to all of us. When life gets us down we need to jump up, play it all off, and just keep playing. So inspirational.